Commercial music for YouTube creators – Time Lapse Photography Article

Commercial music for YouTube creators Once upon a time I went viral on YouTube and missed out on thousands of dollars worth of ad revenue.This happened because I used music to which I didn’t own the rights to. This made me a sad Matt.Never again, I said, and now here I am working with is a brand new digital platform that allows content creators to legally use the music that they love.Check out this video for the full story…

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My London Youtube studio tour – Time Lapse Photography Article

My London Youtube studio tour London Youtube Studio tourWelcome to my latest Youtube studio tour!This is the gear I use in our new place in London.We don’t have a lot of room and I didn’t bring a ton of my filming equipment from Australia so I had to start fresh, take a minimalist approach (lol) and this is what I ended up with. Most of the links below are affiliate links. If you buy anything through them I might make…

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