Getting professional-quality video by using video lights with a GoPro – Underwater Photography Article

[ad_1] Getting professional-quality video by using video lights with a GoPro Getting professional-quality video by using video lights with a GoPro Aug 12 It seems that everywhere you go diving these days, someone has a GoPro with them. And why not? They are very small, affordable, and easy to use. Because of this, there is a ton of underwater footage out there taken by GoPro. I am sure you have seen lots. Some of it is really nice, but along…

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Landscape Photography Case Study [Video] – Photography Article

[ad_1] A couple weeks ago, I wanted to film a tutorial on photographing the Milky Way – but as you may have seen, that didn’t quite work out. Our video series took a further hiatus when I lost my voice the following week, but we’re back again! Since I still sound like a potato, I went through the Photography Life archives for the following case study – from composition to post-processing – of two Grand Tetons photos from our Landscape Tutorial.…

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Drone Video Footage for Car Dealerships Throughout USA | – Aerial Photography Article

[ad_1] Car dealerships around the country have started using the unique perspective drones can provide to capture aerial video for marketing campaigns. Most people think of drones and there ability to capture shots from high up. We go “above and beyond” providing that perspective as 90% of our work is capturing footage flying below 30′ and often flying inside. We have captured B roll footage for quite a few dealerships including Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Honda, Toyota and more. We…

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Art of Motivation | Short Film | United States | Chicago Comedy Film Festival – Self Improvement Video

ART OF MOTIVATION (UNITED STATES, 24 MIN) A motivational speaker, a life coach, and newly recruited relationship expert look to become an agency’s next big thing. If they weren’t constantly undermining each other, they might even have a chance. For fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and 30 Rock Chicago Comedy Film Festival brings you smart comedy for smart people. Best comedy videos around! If you LOVE comedy, subscribe- Follow Us for info about the fest Chicago Comedy Film…

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Weber Metals Heavy Transport | Construction & Industrial Media: Photography, Video & Time Lapse – Time.Lapse Photography Article

[ad_1] The following short film depicts the transportation of an extremely heavy part for the worlds largest privately owned 60K press. It moved very slowly through the city streets of Long Beach, at night with a full compliment of Highway Patrol vehicles and personnel. This very mundane process has been livened up quite a bit through the manipulation of time, (speed ramping) dramatic music and my overwhelming love of things construction and industrial related… The press arrived in 39…

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Why You Should Give Up Self-Improvement – Self Improvement Video

We got the chance to interview best-selling authour & speaker Dr Robert Holden at Hay House Ignite 2014. Dr Robert was an absolute legend in this interview, and (quite controversially!) told us that giving up self-improvement was the key to him finding happiness. He also gives us some great tips on why & how to make self-acceptance your number one priority instead. Love, Persia & Joey Xx To find out more about Robert’s work, visit: With thanks to:…

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