UW Technics offer TTL Board with HSS Support :: – Underwater Photography Article

UW Technics offer TTL Board with HSS Support :: by Adam Hanlon Saturday, October 17th, 2020 Pavel Kolpakov of UW Technics offers an explanation of how High-Speed Sync (HSS) works and details the TTL housing boards that have been developed by UW Technics. He mentions that HSS may be useful for shooting near the surface, under bright sunlight, creative photography with different depth of field, and fast-moving objects. It may also be helpful with cameras that offer relatively slow…

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TTL and shooting with Ambient Light :: – Underwater Photography Article

TTL and shooting with Ambient Light :: by Adam Hanlon Wednesday, July 29th, 2020 Responding to a question posted by a user on the channel, Adam Hanlon and Alex Mustard provide some ideas about using TTL with fast-moving subjects. Their discussion then digresses into a discussion about shooting bigger subjects and when it might be appropriate to use filters to improve color in our images. Wetpixel Live is a series of video episodes, providing answers to common problems experienced…

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Wetpixel Live: TTL or Manual – Underwater Photography Article

Wetpixel Live: TTL or Manual In general, underwater photographers have two options when it comes to controlling the output of their strobes to obtain a pleasing exposure. The first of these, TTL, uses an electronic process that meters and then automatically provides the correct amount of light, while the second relies on the photographer adjusting the strobes’ output manually. Alex Mustard and Adam Hanlon give their personal perspectives on which is the best option to chose. Wetpixel Live is a…

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