Need B-Roll Footage for your Media Projects? – Underwater Photography Article

[ad_1] Need B-Roll Footage for your Media Projects? Engbretson Underwater Photography: Need B-Roll Footage for your Media Projects? skip to main | skip to sidebar News From Behind the Scenes at Engbretson Underwater Photo and Stories about the Freshwater Environments We Visit. Need B-Roll Footage for your Media Projects? We’re always interested in partnering with producers of outdoors related content who are looking for excellent high-quality underwater b-roll video footage of freshwater game fish to include in their programs and…

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4 Tips for Traveling with a Drone | Commercial Drone and Media Company In Pittsburgh, PA | Media Company Near Me – Aerial Photography Article

[ad_1] A drone can be used for all kinds of purposes. Some people use them as a hobby. You can take some great aerial photos with them or simply view the landscape of an area. Other drones are used for business purposes like to survey land or monitor an area. Regardless of how a drone is being used, there are specific steps that should be taken if you will be traveling with a drone. Insulate the Drone From Damage When…

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Weber Metals Heavy Transport | Construction & Industrial Media: Photography, Video & Time Lapse – Time.Lapse Photography Article

[ad_1] The following short film depicts the transportation of an extremely heavy part for the worlds largest privately owned 60K press. It moved very slowly through the city streets of Long Beach, at night with a full compliment of Highway Patrol vehicles and personnel. This very mundane process has been livened up quite a bit through the manipulation of time, (speed ramping) dramatic music and my overwhelming love of things construction and industrial related… The press arrived in 39…

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