This is the World’s First Solargraphy Timelapse – Photography Article

Solargraphy is a technique for photographing the sun’s path through the sky by using a pinhole camera to expose photographic paper for anywhere from a few hours to over a year. Photographer Sam Cornwell has created what he believes is the world’s first solargraphy timelapse. Cornwell is the founder of Solarcan, a unique can pinhole camera that makes it easy for anyone to shoot solargraphs without having to create the pinhole camera themselves. A “matrix” of 27 Solarcan cameras were…

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This is the First-Ever Photo of Quantum Entanglement – Photography Article

Scientists have unveiled the first photograph ever captured of quantum entanglement, the physical phenomenon in which two or more “entangled” particles are connected via their quantum states, even across vast distances. Physicists at the University of Glasglow published the image and a report of their findings in the journal Scientific Advances in a paper titled, “Imaging Bell-type nonlocal behavior.” The groundbreaking photo shows two entangled photons sharing physical states for a brief moment in time in a strong form of…

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