iOS Camera Apps and Lens Comparisons – iPhone Photography Article

iOS Camera Apps and Lens Comparisons I wondered to what extent camera apps create different images of the exact same composition when using my iPhone X camera hardware. Do they all call the same hardware functions and therefore produce the exact same image? Or, do app-specific incantations exist that voodoo the image into existence creating variance in the rendered images of the same compositions? Unsure, I decided to conduct an experiment and write this post: iOS Camera Apps and Lens Comparisons.…

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George Wheelhouse | Fine Art Nature Photography – Fine Art Photography Article

George Wheelhouse | Fine Art Nature Photography Aspect ratio defines the shape of a photo. Specifically the relative measurement of each aspect (horizontal and vertical). Traditionally, film cameras (and most digital SLR’s) shoot in the 3:2 aspect ratio. That means that for every 3 units wide, the image is 2 units high. As a result, the standard small print size is 6×4 inches, to match that common shape. TV used to be in 4:3 aspect ratio, until HD came along and brought the…

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