This Photographer Colorizes His Wet Plate Photos with Striking Results – Photography Article

Fine art photographer Borut Peterlin was recently commissioned to shoot some ambrotypes by costume designer Alan Hranitelj, but he went a few steps beyond your standard wet plate collodion photography. In addition to shooting some beautiful multiple-exposures, he also decided to colorize the scans, creating striking photographs the likes of which we’ve not seen before. There’s nothing particularly unique about wet plate photography, and there’s certainly nothing unique about colorizing monochrome imagery, but Peterlin is the first we’ve seen who…

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This Photographer Put a Full Wet Plate Photography Darkroom on a Tricycle – Photography Article

Michaël Tirat, a wet plate photographer based in Bordeaux, France, has created something pretty special. In an attempt to make his photography services more portable, he’s created a mobile darkroom on a tricycle that enables him to capture wet plates photography all over the city. Tirat—who shoots under the moniker “L’Alchimiste“—rides his mobile darkroom to events around Bordeaux, offering wet plate portraits to attendees right then and there. “Composed of a dark chamber on the upper box, and a storage…

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