Less Than 1% of People Can Ace This Color Test – Photography Article

How do you think your perception of color stacks up against the general public? If you’re a photographer, have your eyes been trained to perceive color better than the average person? Here’s a short and sweet test that can help you find out. The UK-based vision care company Lenstore has created an online test of 10 questions that challenges your ability to differentiate between shades of color. It’s a challenging test: of the thousands of people tested early on, less…

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George Wheelhouse | Fine Art Nature Photography – Fine Art Photography Article

George Wheelhouse | Fine Art Nature Photography I love to use negative space in my photos. It’s a compositional technique from classic art, and I have always embraced it to bring balance and equality to my images. Low-Light PuffinAn Atlantic Puffin on a cliff top in low light.Taken in the traditional low-key style, to retain focus on the subject and allow the background to fall into shadow.Fine art nature photography. Taken on Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, off the coast…

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