New Rules & Questions related to Final Exit Visa Saudi – Photobook Photography Article

New Rules & Questions related to Final Exit Visa Saudi No. of Expatriates working in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia are in huge numbers and they are working in various departments and companies. Before 2017 most of the Jobs in the kingdom was carried out by Expats who come from different countries and work in Saudi Arabia.But due to the implementation of Dependent Fees starting 2017, we have many expatriates sending their families back to their home countries and also…

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Expatriate got Exit Visa with Violation of SR 420,000 – Photobook Photography Article

Saudi Arabia News By shafprince | July 10, 2019An Expatriate who was working as a human resource manager who took advantage of his post and expelled 30 Saudis earlier got into a case under The Ministry of Labor branch in the Eastern Province and 30 Saudis joined back to their positions.Expatriate clearly took advantage of the situation and contravened the regulations which prohibits expats occupying such posts.When the case was followed up by The Director General of the Ministry of Labor and Social…

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