This is Why Guests Should Put Phones Away – Photography Article

[ad_1] A Texas-based wedding photographer is making waves online after speaking out against a wedding guest who ruined an important photo by sticking her iPhone into the aisle at the ceremony. Fort Worth-based photographer Hannah Mbalenhle Stanley of Hannah Way Photography was shooting a wedding recently when a guest blocked her view during the bride’s entrance with her father. After the wedding, Stanley shared the two photos above on Facebook along with the following message to the guest: To the…

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Construction Guy Instagram Influencer Turns Out to Be Coffee Ad Stunt – Photography Article

[ad_1] A construction guy named Omar in Austin, Texas, became an “Instagram influencer” recently after attracting hundreds of thousands of followers to his @justaconstructionguy account with just a handful of photos. But it turns out the guy was a carefully crafted persona designed to help a small coffee shop sell coffee. After being created in May, the account shot to Insta-stardom when it was Tweeted out by Twitter user @barbzlovescarbs, who purported to be Omar’s daughter. In his photos and…

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When You Ask a Photographer Friend to Babysit Your Cat… – Photography Article

[ad_1] Photographer and actor Josell Mariano recently had a friend ask him to babysit her beloved cat, Jade. He decided to use his time with the blue tabby cat to do a photoshoot. “If I babysit the cat for more than 3 days, the photos just happen,” Mariano says. “Here’s her face when she takes a s**t,” Mariano says. Mariano shot portraits of Jade with a single strobe through a large diffused beauty dish located to camera right. He was…

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Woman Captures Seagull Stealing $22 Lobster Roll From Her Hand – Photography Article

[ad_1] Pepperdine sports law professor Alicia Jessop was visiting Maine from California recently when she stopped by a popular tourist destination for a lobster roll. When she held out the roll to take a picture of it, a seagull swooped in at the exact moment Jessop pressed the shutter. Jessop was visiting the famous Cape Neddick Light lighthouse in southern Maine on June 7th when she ordered the $21.50 lobster roll from a parking lot lobster shack. “I wanted a…

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A Photographer’s Powerful Photo and Message for a Mom After Birth – Photography Article

[ad_1] After a child is born, that newborn baby generally becomes the center of everyone’s attention. One photographer recently captured an often-overlooked moment of a mom post-birth, and her photo and the accompanying message are going viral, reaching millions around the world. After her friend Tammy Wright of Jacksonville, Florida, gave birth to a baby boy on May 20th, photographer Alex Dovel of Alex Michele Photography shot the above photo of an exhausted Wright holding the side of her hospital…

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