Visiting the Camera Rescue Project in Finland: A Vintage Camera Paradise – Photography Article

Photographer and YouTuber Mathieu Stern recently got to visit one of the coolest places on earth for camera collectors: The Camera Rescue Project, one of the largest vintage camera collections in Europe. The Camera Rescue Project is an organization from Finland that is dedicated to preserving cameras for future generations. Their stated goal is to find, repair, and “rescue” 100,000 vintage cameras by 2020; according to the counter on the project’s homepage shows that they’re a little over halfway there.…

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Breathing Life Into 52 Cameras in 52 Weeks – Photography Article

I have a working collection of 52 film cameras—some of them quite rare and unique, others just yard sale garbage, all of them loved and fun. I recently decided to take all of them out and push some celluloid through them, documenting the process one week at a time as I breathe some life back to these dope little beasts. I’m calling it the Vintage Camera Quest. Like every photographer I suspect, I had no choice but to fall in…

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