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Why use time-lapse on television? – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Time-lapse photography on TV can be beneficial in a number of ways: to entertain, to advertise and to inform. We consider these three benefits. We often discuss the capability of time-lapse to be combined with other mediums. It is something that its flexibility allows for, lending itself well to video, the Internet, film and, indeed, television. It has become increasingly more widespread in all of these areas, perhaps because it offers an effective, yet visually dynamic way, of representing the…

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Does video marketing work? | Aerial Photography Wales – Aerial Photography Article

We are consuming video content on a scale like never before. With faster internet speeds, bigger mobile devices and smarter televisions we are viewing video online every day of our lives. YouTube is the second most visited site globally and also the second most popular search engine. We watch 5 billion YouTube videos every single day. The younger generation is especially hooked with 6 out of 10 people now preferring online video platforms over traditional linear TV. If we want…

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