Artistic Adventurer – Teri Lou: Happily Houseless – iPhone Photography Article

[ad_1]   Artistic Adventurer – Teri Lou: Happily Houseless Teri Lou is Happily Houseless A Happily Houseless Life! Since my goal is to provide inspiration, guidance and assistance to those wanting to pursue their dream of living on the road, I am starting a new business. In the next few months I will create several step-by-step, easy to follow handouts that will guide, educate and empower you. I will schedule workshops that will help with design and the conversion. There will…

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  Artistic Adventurer – Teri Lou: #1 Question – iPhone Photography Article

[ad_1]   Artistic Adventurer – Teri Lou: #1 Question So many portable toilet options if you want one! This blog post might be too much information (TMI) for some, even though it is the number one question asked of me. I’ll warn you that blunt honestly is to follow.  The majority of the people I share my van lifestyle with are concerned about where I will pee and poop while on the road.  They don’t quite ask me in that way,…

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