Photographer Captures Otherworldly Photo of Rare ‘Coral Spawn’ – Photography Article

Late last year, Queensland Museum photographer Gary Cranitch captured one of the most spectacular underwater images we’ve ever seen, a photograph of a fleeting ‘coral spawn’ in the Great Barrier Reef that looks more like a photo of the Milky Way than marine life. Cranitch is a seasoned underwater and wildlife photographer with an impressive portfolio of images and a history of award-winning shots, but he may have outdone himself on this one. The photograph above shows the exact moment…

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Incredible Human-Sized Jellyfish Caught on Camera – Photography Article

This past weekend, just off the coast of Cornwall, UK, underwater cinematographer Dan Abbott and wildlife biologist Lizzie Daly captured what is being called the most viral wildlife story of the year: incredible footage of a rare human-sized jelly fish swimming alongside Daly in the murky deep. The footage was captured on the last day of Daly’s Wild Oceans Week—an initiative meant to inspire viewers and raise money for the Marine Conservation Society in the UK—and it shows a massive…

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Building Hyper Realistic Photography Sets Underwater – Photography Article

Being an Underwater Photographer I’ve always been drawn to creating dreamscapes below the surface, it’s just part of the allure for me, and trying to build a whole room underwater was one of the goals I’d set myself quite a while ago. Having been a primarily traveling photographer meant that I didn’t have a proper studio in which to experiment, but that all changed last year when I built my own Underwater Studio at my home in Long Beach, California.…

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