The charming Passages of Paris – Photobook Photography Article

The charming Passages of Paris The secret passages of Paris are sometimes forgotten but they were once very important before the grands magasins (Like La Fayette & Printemps) take over. Built in the 1800’, they were good places for elites to escape the rain, darkness of the night and muddy streets. Those hidden passages were either dug through existing building or created as the buildings were constructed. Nowadays they are mostly used for toy stores and book shops. It’s such…

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Saudi Tourism and Economy | Blue Abaya – Photobook Photography Article

Here’s an article I wrote about Saudi Tourism and the Economy for Internationale Politik magazine, the magazine for DGAP (Deutsche Gesellshaft fur Auswärtige Politik), German Society on Foreign Relations. IP is Germany’s leading foreign policy magazine that covers contemporary subjects from around the world. Their 03/2018 issue is about the Gulf States and the economy, and can be read online here: Wirtshaft Golfstaaten My Article “Ab in Die Wuste” can be found here. ( please note that it’s a premium content…

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Weekend Staycation in Jeddah-Why You Should Visit Jeddah! | Blue Abaya – Photobook Photography Article

Weekend Staycation in Jeddah-Why You Should Visit Jeddah! | Blue Abaya Jeddah is just an 1,5 hour flight away from Riyadh making it the ideal weekend getaway destination in Saudi Arabia with all the cool things to do in Jeddah. Sometimes we don’t have to travel far or abroad for a relaxing weekend getaway! Saudi Arabia offers many great destinations for families to choose for a staycation. Jeddah has always been a favorite staycation destination of mine in Saudi Arabia…

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