How to Install Brinno TLC130 in ATH2000 – Time.Lapse Photography Article

How to install Brinno TLC130 in ATH2000. 1. Install 16 AA batteries into battery compartment. 2.Check battery level 2-1. Turn camera on. 2-2. Plug the power cable into your camera. 2-3. Press the button on the battery slot to check battery level. 2-4. Battery indicator:   Green 100% – 20% Orange 20% – 5% Red < 5% (replace the batteries immediately) 3. Install camera to the related position on the mounting board.4. Install camera and battery slot into camera housing.5.…

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Get Started Using Your Brinno construction power housing – Time.Lapse Photography Article

The ATH2000 is a revolution gear to protect Brinno cameras for construction recording. ATH2000 houses any TLC cam using adjustable mounting adapter. It supports a wide range of Brinno cameras and provides great flexibility. Add up to 4X more battery power to give you months of carefree & worry-free video recording ever. Set it up and forget about it until the project is done. Extended lens cover fits to Brinno’s BCS Lens for closeup shots. It allows you the choice…

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