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How to make the perfect boomerang – Time.Lapse Photography Article

How to make the perfect boomerang I’ve been asked a bunch of times how I get my boomerang videos to look so smooth.They key is in how you manipulate the playback speed. Let me show you how!In this tutorial you will learn how to make the perfect boomerang. What you need:Creating the boomerang in Adobe After EffectsOpen After Effects and import your video fileCreate a new composition with your desired resolution and framerateRight click on the footage in the composition…

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How to prevent and solve timelapse flickering – Time Lapse Photography Article

How to prevent and solve timelapse flickering This article talks about the most common mistake timelapse photographers make, timelapse flickering. Timelapse flickering, most often caused by your lens aperture not closing properly can be prevented in a number of different ways.How to prevent timelapse flickeringThe lens twist method. You’re going to lock your aperture by enabling the Depth Of Field preview button and simultaneously slightly twisting your lens off your camera body. This method works for Canon only, sadly. If…

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How to shoot timelapse with the DJI Osmo Pocket – Time.Lapse Photography Article

The DJI Osmo Pocket is the latest high tech gadget from Chinese manufacturer DJI.It is a pocket sized camera and gimbal with a small touch screen.It can record DNG photos, videos, slow motion, timelapse, motion timelapse and hyperlapse footage. This article will go over how to shoot timelapse videos with the Osmo Pocket.Disclaimer: DJI sent me the Osmo Pocket in return for me writing this guide.  The DJI Osmo Pocket shooting a timelapse mounted on a mini gorillapod. Let’s have a…

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