Tasman Sea

  Artistic Adventurer – Teri Lou: Moment Lenses Comparison at Cape Reinga – iPhone Photography Article

    Native Camera Lens   18mm Moments Lens60mm Moment LensCape ReingaBeing a spiritual person I enjoyed my too brief visit to this place on earth. I was ever so grateful to read the Māori beliefs that this most significant land held.  A simple pōhutukawa tree that survived on a rock cliff for so many years, is known locally as the kahilka. Significant for many reasons, one is that it has never blooms and more importantly its roots help guide the…

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  Artistic Adventurer – Teri Lou: New Zealand Giant Dunes – iPhone Photography Article

Te Paki Stream and the Giant Sand DunesExcited is how I felt when driving the 3km from the main road to the Giant Dunes, hoping to explore both the dunes and access Ninety Mile Beach. Arriving about 8:30 am there was a couple eating breakfast at a picnic table and a photographer returning to his car, otherwise empty in this expansive landscape. At the end of the dirt road I was confronted with whether or not to drive down a sandy…

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