Surf Saudi

Unfinished Wanderings – Photobook Photography Article

Twenty years ago I was swept off my feet. Not by a girl, but by the incredible feeling of riding waves. My love affair began during a study year abroad in California; one of the original playgrounds of an ever growing tribe of people who define themselves as surfers. A love that drove me away from careers and girlfriends and towards two decades of global travel spanning three continents. The feeling of warmth as you paddle vigorously towards the shoreline…

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A Saudi Surf Day – Photobook Photography Article

The uncertainty of surfing in a country where security services take more action against a soul surfer than a 12 year old kid driving his mother and sisters around forced me to abandon the surf dream for the past two months. Four really fun days and a few other windier swells have passed by unsurfed. The youth of this town, like all others in the Kingdom, are preoccupied with drifting their cars, obsessively texting or watching You Tube on their…

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Sliding Saudi: A Saudi Surf Story – Photobook Photography Article

Pioneering a punchy left hander now called Raf’s point, KSA.  The three months from January to March have swiftly fallen into memory. My apartment is eerily quiet. Life is a countdown once again. Purposeless except for saving money and dreaming of a distant exit. What a total contrast to the excitement of the winter months, during which my son conquered the fun beaches and points of NE Saudi Arabia. We named one spot after him, “Raf’s Point”, where a small…

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