Mountain versus sun – Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider – Photography Article

[ad_1] Happy #TravelTuesday one and all! I’m Dave Williams and I’m here with some photography wisdom for you today (and every Tuesday), and this week I’m in Croatia! I arrived a couple of days ago and so far I’ve also hopped some borders and checked out Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. If you were wondering, they’re beautiful! I caught sunrise in Mostar, Bosnia, and framed up a lovely series of shots down the Neretva River of the towns famous bridge.…

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Sunsets in Ireland – Always a Surprise and Unique – Timelapse Travels – Time.Lapse Photography Article

[ad_1] This past week I was in Kinsale, Ireland which is a beautiful seaside town in Cork (southeastern Ireland). I had some free time to shoot timelapses and two nights in a row I walked for shoots. The Irish weather is always a mystery so my recommendation is to never be discouraged by it or on the flip side optimistic. The first evening I walked towards Charles Fort which overlooks the town from the otherside of the harbor. The walk…

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A week paddling in the Calamian Islands – Linapacan and Palawan, Part 1 – ptanphoto – Underwater Photography Article

[ad_1] A week paddling in the Calamian Islands – Linapacan and Palawan, Part 1 – ptanphoto Second last night of our weeklong trip: We just had a final 15 km to go – easy peasy, compared to the other 25-30 km days we’ve had in some epic conditions. However, our rash guards were starting to smell ripe, despite our best attempts to rinse them out to dry every night. And most of us were suffering from awful itches from sandfly…

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Beach Photographs – How not to make them boring – Timelapse Travels – Time.Lapse Photography Article

[ad_1] Shooting landscapes or timelapses at the beach is one of the most difficult things to do in my opinion in travel photography. This is beacause the beach and a sunrise/sunset are so beautiful but the images can be so boring! Here are my two tips: 1) Explore the beach about 2 hours before sunset and find a composition 2) Photograph a foreground element that tells a story with the sunset How often do you just see the image of…

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Full Moon Rise over NYC Skyline – Timelapse Travels – Time.Lapse Photography Article

[ad_1] Last weekend I went out to Liberty State Park to shoot the full moon rise over the NYC skyline. This was the evening of the blood wolf moon. I was hoping to get a nice video over the world trade center. The blood moon wouldnt happen until after midnight but it was still a good opportunity to have a unique video! I got there about an hour early before sunset. The moon was going to start rising about a…

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How To Photograph Sunrises & Sunsets – Time.Lapse Photography Article

[ad_1] Photographing the sun as it arrives and when it sets is usually your top priority when starting out with landscape photography. The 30 minutes before and after the sun rising or setting is known as the “golden hour” and I’ve found this time of day yields some of the best photographs in a photographer’s portfolio. In this article I’m going to tell you some of my best tips that you can use to create some amazing photographs of a sunrise…

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Full moon weekend in Kiama – ptanphoto – Underwater Photography Article

[ad_1] Full moon weekend in Kiama – ptanphoto We were supposed to go camping in Kiama a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of friends. It was a new-moon weekend, perfect for astrophotography. Alas, I caught a cold at the last minute, so Jeff and I regrettably had to drop out. From the pictures, everyone else looked like they had a blast, so we had a huge case of FOMO. So this past weekend, we loaded our car with…

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The Reveal | iPhone Photographer – iPhone Photography Article

[ad_1] The Reveal Posted by David Pasillas on May 4, 2017 Posted in: Nikon D7000. Tagged: art, big sur, blogging, california, coast, gold, heart, landscape, love, nature, photography, sunset. I wish I could tell you that I saw this while I was shooting in the field. I also wish I could tell you that I saw it when I got home and went through my images on my computer over 3 years ago. And I wish I could say that…

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