sunny 16 rule

Understanding the “Sunny 16 Rule” in Photography – Photography Article

In life, we are sometimes met with certain inalienable truths; water will always flow downhill, there will always be an unhappy baby on your flight, and the milkshake machine at your favorite fast food place will always be broken when you need it the most. There are also some self-evident truths that we must accept when it comes to photography; one being, one day, you will need to set your own exposure manually. If you’ve been shooting exclusively in Auto…

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Shooting at Midday – Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider – Photography Article

Hello one and all, it’s #TravelTuesday with me, Dave Williams, here at where Scott gets the day off and I jump in to lay down something from the world of Photography, Photoshop, Travel and Life! Today it’s all about photography with a little bit of travel – I want to show you something awesome I found recently in Montenegro. Arizona has Horseshoe Bend at the edge of the Grand Canyon, but it turns out Montenegro has its own, green version. Pavlova…

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