New Horizons – Trustees of Reservations — Above Summit – Aerial Photography Article

[ad_1] New Horizons – Trustees of Reservations — Above Summit Above Summit x Trustees of Reservations The Art & The Landscape program has been going on for a few years now, but this year our challenge was to document an aerial road trip, over the course of two weeks including six stops at various Trustees properties. We documented the installation from both a ground and aerial perspective using drones to capture the fire inside the hot air balloon that will ultimately…

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A Closer Look at the Iconic Cyclist Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson – Photography Article

[ad_1] [youtube] What’s up photography fans? It’s Martin from All About Street Photography, and today I want to talk about Henri Cartier-Bresson’s iconic photo of a cyclist, titled Hyères, France. I am going to take a closer look at the composition as well as at the story behind the photograph. If you are not familiar with Henri Cartier-Bresson, make sure to check out this video I made about his life and photography: [youtube] What we are looking at…

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How I Shot an ‘Impossible Photo’ of an Apollo Launch in 1967 – Photography Article

[ad_1] They said it couldn’t be done, that I was wasting my time, that it was impossible to take a time exposure photo of a daytime missile launch… in color… directly into a Florida sunrise… from ten miles away. If anybody would know, Arch Smith would. Arch had first conceived the idea of making a time exposure of a daytime missile launch during the Gemini program. He ran the photo department at Martin Marietta’s Canaveral Division, and he happened to…

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How an Instagram Photo Got Me Hired to Shoot the Stanley Cup Parade – Photography Article

[ad_1] My name is Justin Barr, and I’m a photographer in St. Louis, Missouri, who was recently hired to shoot the Blues’ Stanley Cup victory parade. I’m still in shock over the series of events. During the St. Louis Blues’ historic run for the Stanley Cup, they had watch parties in downtown St. Louis. On June 3rd, the Blues played Boston in St. Louis. They had a big production before the game with a band playing on an outdoor stage…

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