This Company is Giving Away 100,000 AI-Generated Portraits for Free – Photography Article

A company called Icons8 has just released “a massive free resource of 100k faces generated from scratch” using an AI algorithm trained on tens of thousands of real-life portraits. The resulting headshots can be used by anybody, royalty free, without worrying about model releases or other stock photography issues, since a fake person can’t exactly sue you. The project was revealed on Product Hunt, where Icons8 showed off “the technology we are building to create media on-demand” by giving away…

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Thieves May Be Selling Your Photos on Shutterstock – Photography Article

While looking at my own images on Shutterstock, I noticed the Shutterstock algorithm was suggesting my photos as “similar” images. I thought it was a bug on the Shutterstock website until I noticed that others had downloaded my photos from other sites then uploaded them to Shutterstock. Shutterstock’s similar photos algorithm then noticed this and suggested the stolen photos along with my photos. After a little research, I found that this has been happening for at least 8 years and…

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