We Don’t Live Here Anymore – Tim’s Reflection Connection – iPhone Photography Article

We Don’t Live Here Anymore – Tim’s Reflection Connection In our efforts to sell our home, we have consulted with a guru stager. She knows what people want to see when shopping for a home. Her job is to make the house look as ideal as possible for the largest market share based on research. Interestingly to me, the way you stage a house is very much different from the way you decorate your home after you buy it. The…

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I Photograph Birds in My Backyard by Setting Up Stages – Photography Article

Last year I joined my local photography club. The club holds regular competitions and I was amazed by the quality of the bird and wildlife photographs. I’ve never been much of a natural history photographer. So it’s not surprising that my own photographs did very poorly in competitions. In particular, a judge criticized a woodpecker photograph that I submitted because it was clearly on a bird feeder. “Hand of man!” he said as he dismissed my attempt. A not-very-natural natural…

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