Fake Poolside Photo Shoot Inspires Touching Open Letter to Young Moms – Photography Article

“Social media isn’t always real. Sometimes and often it’s a complete set-up.” These are the words of Jen Flint, a Florida woman whose inspirational message to young mothers went viral after she witnessed a fake mother-daughter photo shoot at a local pool. Flint shared the story and message on Facebook, where she describes watching a mother stage several “perfect” photos of a “perfect” day at the pool with her little daughter. But as Flint explains, reality fell far short of…

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Photojournalist Accused of Faking Photos of Violence in Honduras – Photography Article

A photojournalist is being accused of faking an award-winning series of photos that purportedly show hitmen in Honduras carrying out violent acts. Fstoppers published a report that accuses Swiss/Italian photographer Michele Crameri of staging shots and publishing the photos with fake captions. The report is based on evidence and statements provided by both fellow photographers and the Honduran fixer who helped connect Crameri to gang members during four trips the photographer made to the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula…

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I Photograph Birds in My Backyard by Setting Up Stages – Photography Article

Last year I joined my local photography club. The club holds regular competitions and I was amazed by the quality of the bird and wildlife photographs. I’ve never been much of a natural history photographer. So it’s not surprising that my own photographs did very poorly in competitions. In particular, a judge criticized a woodpecker photograph that I submitted because it was clearly on a bird feeder. “Hand of man!” he said as he dismissed my attempt. A not-very-natural natural…

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