ESA Spacecraft to Be First to Intercept a ‘New’ Comet for a Photo Shoot – Photography Article

The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced a new mission that will have the goal of intercepting a comet with a special composite spacecraft in order to shoot photos of it. Called “Comet Interceptor,” the spacecraft “will be the first spacecraft to visit a truly pristine comet or other interstellar object that is only just starting its journey into the inner Solar System,” ESA writes. The plan is for the spacecraft to wait around at the Sun-Earth Lagrange point L2…

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This is an Asteroid Photographed from 0.4 Miles Away – Photography Article

After photographing Earth and the Moon from 71 million miles away back in January, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is back again with a new photo of its target asteroid, Bennu, shot from an incredibly close distance of just 0.4 miles (690m) away. OSIRIS-REx captured the shot with NavCam 1 (one of its 3 navigation cameras) on June 13th after executing its second orbital insertion maneuver around the asteroid, which measures about 0.306 miles across (492m) on average. “From the spacecraft’s vantage…

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