Laugh at the Profoto C1 All You Want, Profoto Gets It – Photography Article

If you want to piss off a majority of professional photographers, show them a smartphone camera rig setup and explain how great it is. Better yet, show them an article about an iPhone-only wedding photographer. I’ve seen this reaction countless times, and it’s especially prevalent when you look at smartphone photography accessories. Companies who promote products for high-end cameras while also introducing low-end products know this, which is why the official Profoto C1 YouTube video has comments disabled. In fact,…

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Godox’s New R1 and R1F Look a Whole Lot Like Profoto’s C1 and C1 Plus – Photography Article

Can something be a clone if it’s announced first? Only hours before Profoto officially unveiled its brand new C1 and C1 Plus smartphone lights, Godox had already announced their own round smartphone lights. Meet the Godox R1 and R1X—the round, magnetic LED light and LED flash for smartphones that beat Profoto to the punch. The Godox R1 and R1F can’t really be called “clones” of the Profoto C1 and C1 Plus. Not only did Godox make its announcement before Profoto,…

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Profoto to Release $300 Smartphone Flash Next Week: Report – Photography Article

Earlier this week, high-end lighting brand Profoto released a teaser for a new light that it claimed would “forever change the world of photography.” Don’t get too excited though: according to the most recent rumors, this “game-changing” product is an expensive LED flash for smartphones. This information comes from Photo Rumors, and as with all rumors, it should be taken with a grain of salt. However, PR is reporting with some confidence that Profoto will be revealing not one, but…

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