Researchers Developed an AI that Can ‘Relight’ Portraits After the Fact – Photography Article

[youtube] A group of researchers and engineers from UC San Diego and Google have trained a neural network to “relight” portraits after the fact “according to any provided environment map.” In other words: their system can take any photo and adjust the lighting at will—including the direction, temperature, and quality of the light. The technology was detailed in a research paper submitted to SIGGRAPH 2019z, an annual conference on computer graphics, and like most AI-based image manipulation that we’ve…

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What It’s Like to Shoot with Only a Smartphone for 6 Months – Photography Article

[youtube] One of the most common pieces of advice when you’re stuck in a creative rut is to “limit yourself.” Pick one focal length, shoot JPEG only, try a style you’re not used to. But what about limiting yourself to just an iPhone? For the past six months, Seoul-based photographer Noealz Photo did just that. Six months is a long time to limit yourself to a smartphone—in Noealz’ case, an iPhone 7 Plus—especially when your primary genre is nighttime…

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Oppo Unveils the World’s First Under-Screen Selfie Camera – Photography Article

Chinese smartphone makers Oppo and Xiaomi both teased under-screen selfie cameras earlier this month, but Oppo just beat Xiaomi to the punch in officially announcing and demonstrating it. Rather than use a notch cut out from the display for a camera, reducing the available screen real estate, Oppo’s new camera is found behind the display itself, allowing 100% of the front surface to be used for the screen. When the camera is activated, the top portion of the display goes…

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Huawei Thought Ads Were Acceptable Lockscreen Photos. Nope. – Photography Article

Huawei has gotten quite a bit of bad press in recent days, and its latest PR nightmare is a strange one. Users around the world started complaining after advertisements began quietly showing up on their lockscreens as default photos. While other smartphones may come with beautiful landscape photos as default wallpapers, users of Huawei’s smartphones, including the new P30 Pro, are reporting default lockscreen photos with the logo for obnoxiously displayed across them accompanied by an offer for 15%…

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George Wheelhouse | Fine Art Nature Photography – Fine Art Photography Article

George Wheelhouse | Fine Art Nature Photography I’m trying a new approach with the smartphone wallpapers. There are so many sources of free wallpapers around, and charging £1 or £2 per image isn’t going to pay for many lenses any time soon. So instead, I’ve made the smartphone downloads free, so that anyone can use as many as they’d like, and chop & change when they fancy a new one. I’m starting off with 20 photos, and I’ll add more…

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