Advantages of long-term time-lapse capture – Time.Lapse Photography Article

The prospect of condensing time into smaller, more manageable chunks continues to fascinate and be put to use in numerous ways. But this is not the only advantage of long-term time-lapse capture, as we explore in this blog. Recent innovations to modern camera technologies have brought a different meaning to long-term time-lapse capture. Joe DiGiovanna has created a bespoke camera set-up which allows him to capture the New York skyline directly from his apartment in New Jersey. Having already time-lapsed…

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Documenting £5.5m Royal Bridge Pontoon replacement at Sheerness – Time.Lapse Photography Article

WE captured over 50,000 images using our fully-managed, dual-camera system set up as Beckett Rankine installed a new pontoon at Peel Ports’ London Medway facility. With the first camera system set back behind the pontoon, capturing an overview of developments, the second was strategically positioned waterside looking down over the works. This allowed for ample coverage of the replacement without hinderance to the safe operations carried out by personnel on site. From these positions, we covered all key manoeuvres throughout…

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