This Photographer’s eBay Order Took a Comical Route Around the World – Photography Article

Photographer Gary Gruber recently purchased a Hasselblad lens accessory on eBay. As he waited for the order to travel from South Africa to his home in the United States, Gruber was baffled by the route DHL sent it on. “I buy and sell a ton of photo gear on eBay,” Gruber tells PetaPixel. “99.8% of the transactions I’ve made in the last 18 years have moved from seller to me flawlessly. “I’ve made many purchases from Japan and China and…

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My Nightmare with USPS Insurance in Shipping a Camera Lens – Photography Article

Photography is amazing, but it does require gear. I recently moved from Canon to Sony, so I had to offload a camera body, lenses, flashes, and triggers. I purchased out-of-pocket insurance on all of my gear packages just to have some peace-of-mind. I sent the last piece of my Canon kit, my awesome Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 (a009), on January 10th. This was my first serious photography lens (costing over $500), which I originally purchased used. I rolled the actual lens…

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