Watch a Shark Breach a Diver’s Cage in this Viral Video from 2016 – Photography Article

A crazy video from 2016 is making the rounds again today after photographers started sharing it on social media. The video, which was captured three years ago off the coast of Mexico, shows the crazy moment when a Great White shark accidentally breached a diving cage … while the diver/photographer was still inside. The video was captured by the father of Gabe and Garrett, stars of a kids YouTube channel with 1.7M subscribers. When it was first uploaded in 2016,…

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Photographer Using Drone Spots Shark Approaching His Family – Photography Article

During a family outing to the beach last week, photographer Dan Watson decided to take his drone up for a little aerial photography practice—and it’s a good thing he did. While framing up a photo of his family splashing around near the shore, he spotted a large shadow swimming right towards them. It only took him a split second to realize that the shadow was a shark, and start yelling for his family to get out of the water. All…

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