This iPhone Thief Posted a Selfie to His Victim’s Instagram, Police Say – Photography Article

Here’s a bizarre story out of New Jersey: a man reportedly stole an iPhone and then proceeded to shoot a grotesque close-up selfie of himself to share on his victim’s Instagram account. Police are now widely distributing the strange selfie in hopes of identifying the man. A man reported to the Kearny Police Department in Kearny, New Jersey on May 16th that his iPhone had been stolen. Shortly afterward, the victim’s followers on Instagram were greeted with a story featuring…

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Frontman Slaps Phone from Fan Who Jumped Onstage for Selfie – Photography Article

The punk rock band FIDLAR was performing in Berkeley earlier this week when a fan jumped onstage and attempted to take a selfie with frontman Zac Carper. Carper would have none of it, and he proceeded to slap the phone out of the woman’s hand. Back in 2015, FIDLAR actually tweeted a warning of this very thing. i have no problem breaking your iPhone 6 if you jump on stage and take a selfie while we are playing. please, give…

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My iPhone Did That! – Tim’s Reflection Connection – iPhone Photography Article

My iPhone Did That! – Tim’s Reflection Connection The Setup Back in January I wrote a blog post about my growing a beard many, many years ago. It was was the only beard I ever grew, and it was hideous! This past Thanksgiving, I was lazy and didn’t shave for several days. Hmm… I decided to grow a beard again. My father had one for the last 10 years or so of his life. (We hated it. He didn’t care.)…

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