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Harnessing Your Human Nature for Success with Robert Greene – Photography Article

Today we welcome back on the show the 6x international bestselling author, Robert Greene.  Robert has had huge impact in my life with books like Mastery, 48 Laws of Power, and the 33 Strategies of War. And in this episode we go deep on his newest book – and my new favorite – The Laws of Human Nature, a brilliant consolidation of the various theories on human nature – how to better understand them and use them to grow. We dive deep into:…

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An audience of ONE is all it takes – Photography Article

QUESTION:  What if you only made work that YOU loved, and you were certain that you would be paid top dollar if you did…Would you do it?  Of course! Most sane creators / entrepreneurs would jump at the opportunity – and such is the topic of Srinivas Rao’s new book: An Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity For Its Own Sake.  The problem is, so many of us are watering down our work making it for someone else. In fact, the path to…

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