5 examples of internal capture time-lapse – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Time-lapse is just as effective at capturing the ‘inside story’ as it is at documenting external developments. We look back at five internal time-lapses to demonstrate how. Watching an unused or empty building be transformed into a functional and eye-catching space is useful in a number of ways. Firstly, a time-lapse video demonstrates how architectural vision, building skills and engineering can culminate into a finished project. This is extremely valuable for the companies involved, as they are able to market…

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How to use time-lapse to capture a special event – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Special event scenarios of varying size and subject are increasingly becoming the focus of time-lapse videos. In this “how to” guide, we take a closer look at what must be considered so that time-lapse can bring out the best aspects of any event. Depending on the kind of event you wish to capture, there will be particular specifications you need to bear in mind such as location, fixing position, duration and source of power. These individualities make every project unique…

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Blue Hour At Dunure Castle – Ayrshire – Time.Lapse Photography Article

So yesterday I went down to Dunure Castle to see if there was going to be a decent sunset. Turns out it didn’t happen but the conditions were still great especially during blue hour which is definitely my favourite time to shoot at the moment. Word of advice; if you have a pair of wellies in your car and choose not to where them you will always get soaking wet feet. Which is what happened when I got this shot!…

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Photography Guide To The Isle of Skye – Time.Lapse Photography Article

All landscape photographers have their dream locations, the places around the world they have to photograph before they die. If you are visiting Scotland then the Isle of Skye should definitely be on your list. It is truly breathtaking! It may be a long drive away but the journey will feel well worth it when you first glimpse the Cuillin Hills dominating the landscape. The Isle of Skye has a large number of popular locations that have been photographed for years, but…

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Exploring The Isle of Harris – Time.Lapse Photography Article

The Isle of Harris is a place of great wonder for me. When you’re there you feel cut off from the world and very far away from the bustle of day-to-day life. The Isle of Harris can be found in the far northwest of Scotland in an area known as the Outer Hebrides. It’s not an island itself, as it is connected to the Isle of Lewis, which can be found further in the north. I first fell in love…

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Lee Filters 15-Stop Super Stopper ND Review – Time.Lapse Photography Article

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENNEktwuKXA] ND filters are a key part of the avid landscape photographer’s working process. They enable us to control our exposures, allow us to increase the time the shutter is open, and help us achieve a desired creative look. Most commonly they are used on scenes with water, like a waterfall or a river, to create that smooth and silky look we photographers love so much. Over the years the demand for darker ND filters to create longer exposures…

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George Wheelhouse | Fine Art Nature Photography – Fine Art Photography Article

George Wheelhouse | Fine Art Nature Photography This is a quick review of the photo opportunities I managed to find in during my first trip to Scotland, in April 2012. Red Grouse are charming looking birds, and great posers. I’d love to spend some more time with the Red Grouse, as they’re very photogenic, and their characterful poses really make for interesting photos. Occupying open moorland, the Red Grouse are a classic Scottish bird…  …

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