Saudi Justice

Saudi court pays SR 750,000 to a resident for illegal arrest – Photobook Photography Article

The story goes that the resident was innocent, yet the criminal court deemed him criminal and thereby detained him for 12 months. However, later he was found innocent. Thereby he filed a lawsuit against the verdict as he had suffered damages: he was detained without a cause. The Saudi court thereby paid SR750,000 to the citizen over his illegal detention. According to the court, the state is duty-bound to protect the rights of all the individuals. The statement read that…

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Saudi who broke the teeth of an expat gets 50 lashes and prison – Photobook Photography Article

A strange incident happened in Dammam last week. A young Saudi citizen who is in his 20 broke the teeth of an expat by kicking him from behind. The young expat boy who is just 9 years old supported Belgium in the word Soccer Cup, Russia 2018 while the young citizen supported Brazil. When Brazil lost to Belgium during the World Soccer Cup, the young expatriate use to tease the Saudi over the loss of Brazil.  The young citizen was…

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