DJI Makes Formal Complaint Against BBC Over ‘Biased’ Drone Coverage – Photography Article

Drone maker DJI—the self-proclaimed “world leader in civilian drones”—has lodged a formal complaint against the BBC over two different pieces of investigative reporting on drones and drone safety. The complaint surrounds two programs: BBC Panorama’s “The Gatwick Drone Attack” that aired on April 15th, and BBC Horizon’s “Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones,” that aired July 1st. The first focused on a well-publicized incident at Gatwick Airport where drones forced the airport to close, costing millions and leading to a military…

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Drunk Droning is Now Illegal in Japan – Photography Article

If you’re planning to do any drone photography in Japan, make sure you stay away from alcohol. The country has just outlawed drunk droning, making it an offense that’s punishable by up to a year in prison. Japan’s parliament passed the law on Thursday in an effort to exert more government control and oversight over drones, which have exploded in popularity around the world in recent years. If you’re caught flying drunk and your drone weighs over 7 ounces (200g),…

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Solo Women Van Dweller – Do you feel safe? – iPhone Photography Article

Solo Women Van Dweller – Do you feel safe? Why I love van dwelling! Do I feel safe? Before answering this question I would like to share some of my history.  As a child I was never a girly girl. In fact the one photo of me playing with dolls as a child was posed. I preferred to play outside, run, climb trees, ride bikes, and build campfires in the many campgrounds we visited in Washington State.  In my teens…

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