Royal Albert Hall

Time-lapse capture for special venues – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Time-lapse photography is commissioned widely across various scenarios, which are not limited to construction. For special event venues, for instance, there are many ways to utilise this method to great effect. Sports, music, conferences, outdoor and indoor concerts; venues may accommodate some or all of these events. Both venue and event are unique in terms of their specifications and requirements so, for time-lapse specialists, it is vital to be equipped to capture every detail. Why time-lapse capture? But why should…

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How to use time-lapse to capture a special event – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Special event scenarios of varying size and subject are increasingly becoming the focus of time-lapse videos. In this “how to” guide, we take a closer look at what must be considered so that time-lapse can bring out the best aspects of any event. Depending on the kind of event you wish to capture, there will be particular specifications you need to bear in mind such as location, fixing position, duration and source of power. These individualities make every project unique…

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