A four day roadtrip in Scotland – Time Lapse Photography Article

A four day roadtrip in Scotland In May 2019 my girlfriend Amelia and I drove around Scotland for four days. I usually make pretty standard travel vlogs, however I didn’t feel like doing that on this trip. Instead I opted for an (at the time) new style of vlogging (for me), the cinematic travel vlog! Less of my face, more of the scene, more titles on screen. This video was mostly shot on a Canon 1DXMkII (for the slow motion…

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Ten day Utah astrophotography road trip. – Time.Lapse Photography Article

In June 2019 I went on a Utah astrophotography road trip with a stranger. Watch the video to find out if I got murdered or not. [youtube] Life’s all about risks, isn’t it? Calculated risks, that is. I’d never recommend going on a trip with an actual complete stranger, that’s crazy hah. A film photo of Abdul and me at horseshoe bend in Page, Arizona (just over the border from Utah). Trip statistics: We flew into Salt Lake City,…

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An All Female Road Trip from Saudi Arabia to Oman – Photobook Photography Article

An All Female Road Trip from Saudi Arabia to Oman There is a brand new highway which will connect Saudi Arabia and Oman by road. Once it’s open, the road from Saudi to Oman will cut driving time by half. The border crossing between Saudi Arabia and Oman has not opened yet, so in the meanwhile those planning to drive from Riyadh to Oman must drive through UAE. A road trip from Riyadh to Oman is certainly doable and worth…

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