Rebranding for ‘soft power’ – examples from the Gulf – Photobook Photography Article

Rebranding for ‘soft power’ – examples from the Gulf Aramco is looking to spend millions on promoting itself (image source: Twosmokingbarrels) Now is a good time to be in the branding business, at least here in the Gulf. A slew of governments and government-owned assets are launching brand campaigns. At the beginning of the month, the UAE government announced that it’d be launching a national competition to create the first brand entity for the UAE – seven Emirati artists from…

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AP Photographer Wounded in Haiti when Senator Fired Gun to Disperse Protesters – Photography Article

Associated Press photographer Chery Dieu-Nalio was hit in the face by bullet fragments on Monday when Haitian senator Ralph Fethiere opened fire in a crowd of protesters outside of the country’s Parliament in Port-au-Prince. The incident took place after Fethiere and fellow senators from the governing party convened to approve a nomination for Prime Minister. As Fethiere and his entourage were attempting to leave Parliament, opposition protesters yanked open his door; that’s when the senator reportedly pulled a gun and…

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Photojournalist Rescues Victim Of Anti-LGBT Mob – Photography Article

On September 15, around 2,000 LGBT rights activists marched through Kharkiv in the first event of its kind in the eastern Ukrainian city. When the march ended, most of the participants left safely through a nearby subway station, but a crowd of far-right counterdemonstrators had gathered in a neighboring park, apparently on the hunt for LGBT activists attempting to leave on foot. Video from the scene captured one slightly-built teenager with a streak of dyed hair trying to move through…

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