Kodak-Branded Smartphone Lenses, Ring Light and More Unveiled at IFA – Photography Article

Earlier today at IFA 2019, Eye Caramba revealed a new line of official Kodak-branded smartphone accessories, including several clip-on lenses and a miniature ring light that attaches to your smartphone for better portrait photography. In all, Eye Caramba—who is “an authorized brand licensee of Eastman Kodak Company”—has created five Kodak-branded smartphone accessories. A clip-on smartphone lens with three different attachments—a 100° ultra-wide angle, a 15x macro, and a circular fisheye—the aforementioned smartphone portrait light, and an 8-inch mini tripod that…

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Photos of a Paddleboarder Gliding Through Alaskan Glaciers – Photography Article

Paddling Tranquility is a new project by photographers Toby Harriman and Jussi Ruottinen of Planet Unicorn, who trekked to remote Alaskan glaciers to capture gorgeous photos of a paddleboarder navigating through a landscape of ice. The idea for this project was born back in 2017, when Harriman and his friend Kyle flew out to Inner Lake George next to Knik Glacier, found an old canoe, and shot photos of Kyle paddling through broken ice. “Ever since then, I have always…

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5 benefits of remote time-lapse capture – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Remote capture has multiple benefits: here are five ways in which it can work for you. Time-lapse photography is a fruitful method in many respects but it is probably best known for its ability to compress time. Taking its definition from the way it can make time appear to be moving much faster – or ‘lapsing’ – time-lapse can bring out the subtleties of many subjects. A construction build, celestial motion, a child growing day-by-day, a special sporting event: these…

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