Raja Ampat

2019 in the Rearview – ptanphoto – Underwater Photography Article

2019 in the Rearview – ptanphoto Writing a look back on the past year hadn’t crossed my mind this time, not to mention my complete overlooking of the fact that another decade had just flashed by. I only realized this after the deluge of posts by friends online, listing their accomplishments, highlights and lowlights. Photographically speaking (since this is technically a photo blog), 2019 was a year I spent capturing my experiences, vs. actively seeking out sceneries to photograph. There’s…

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A week on a Raja Ampat diving liveaboard – ptanphoto – Underwater Photography Article

A week on a Raja Ampat diving liveaboard – ptanphoto What an incredible week we just spent living on the Blue Manta, a diving liveaboard that is currently sailing the waters of Raja Ampat, from the Dampier Strait to Misool and back. A pod of at least two dozen spinner dolphins accompanying our sail to Dampier Strait Life underwater there is so rich, teeming with enormous schools of fish that is heartening to see. Many dives, we were swarmed by…

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