Samyang Launches Ultra-Compact 18mm f/2.8 Lens for Sony E-Mount – Photography Article

Samyang/Rokinon has announced a new ultra-compact, ultra-wide-angle prime for Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras. At just 145g light, 2-inches long, and $500, the new Samyang AF 18mm f/2.8 lens is “the most compact, lightweight, and affordable super-wide angle full frame lens for Sony E mount.” Despite its diminutive size, the Samyang/Rokinon AF 18mm f/2.8 offers a rectilinear 100.1° angle of view when used on Sony’s full-frame mirrorless cameras. Attach it to the new Sony a6600, and the lens crops to a…

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Trying 10 Lenses Under $100 – Photography Article

Andrew of husband and wife photography team Denae and Andrew recently partnered up with KEH to test out 10 of the best-selling vintage 50mm lenses on the used market. From old Nikon and Canon glass, to Minolta, Pentax and even a Contax lens, all of these can be had for under $100, and Andrew wanted to find out which of the 10 performed best. One note: Andrew tests all 10 lenses on his Fujifilm X-T3, so there is an APS-C…

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