This $10,000 in Sony Gear Cost $500 Thanks to Amazon’s Glitch – Photography Article

Amazon sparked a frenzy and made headlines last week after an apparent pricing glitch allowed customers to buy extremely expensive cameras and lenses, including one worth $13,000, for just $94.48 each. Today we have a closer look at how one photographer made out like a bandit. At the time we originally reported on the strange “sale,” some photographers had already received their ultra-cheap gear, others reported that it was in transit, and others said that their purchases were on backorder.…

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Amazon Accidentally Sold $13,000+ Camera Gear for $100 on Prime Day – Photography Article

Amazon discounted a wide range of camera gear for Prime Day this week, but some photographers scored what may be the best deals of their lives. Thanks to a pricing error, many people were able to purchase high-end camera gear bundles, some worth over $5,000, for just around $100. It all started when someone noticed that the $550 Sony a6000 and 16-50mm lens bundle was being listed at just $94.50 on Amazon, and the person shared the “deal” on Slickdeals,…

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