Why Good Photos Turn Bad: Instagram and Photography ‘Groupthink’ – Photography Article

Landscape and travel photographer James Popsys has noticed a troubling habit lately: he’s posting things “for the dopamine hit,” and he doesn’t believe he’s the only one. The result, says Popsys, is a “photographic groupthink,” caused by social media, that encourages people to post the same thing over and over, just because it’s popular. Popsys identifies the problem, primarily, on Instagram. “In the past two or three months, my Explore tab on Instagram has been made up of one thing:…

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Algorithms Replaced Gatekeepers and Lowered the Bar on Quality – Photography Article

The rise of social media has had a massive impact on the art we see, consume, and interact with on a daily basis. Some of that impact was positive, some negative, but one of the most radical changes has also been one of the most detrimental: the demise of the gatekeepers. Gatekeepers were the tastemakers of the past: the magazine editors, television produces, publishing executives, and gallery curators. In other words, the people who decided what work was seen and…

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