The P.J. Photo Workshop – Joel Heffner – iPhone Photography Article

The P.J. Photo Workshop – Joel Heffner The P.J. Photo Workshop – Joel Heffner P.J. at his first dog show. Later on he would become a Dog Show Champion! Move in closer.Center the main subject.Try to get the eyes in focus.Use a helper if possible.Shade is better than sun.Having a cute subject helps. [P.J. asked me to put that one in.]Polaroids have a unique look. [And you can still get the film for…

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How I Made a Digital Polaroid SX-70 – Photography Article

I wanted to see if it was possible to turn a dead SX-70 camera into a functioning digital camera without significantly modifying it’s outward appearance. I had no idea if this was reasonably doable but I set out to give it a try. Editor’s note: The longer, original version of this article was originally published on Joshua Gross’ website. This condensed version has been republished with Gross’ permission. The finished product: First, I disassembled the camera into its various components.…

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