Think Differently in the World of Macro Photography – Photography Article

Macro photographers learn over time that this genre of photography can break rules you’d always follow in other areas like landscape or portrait photography. It’s a different world to explore, and taking a different approach is an asset when mixing science with art. As a landscape photographer, having a horizon line two degrees off is an annoyance, but for small-scale subjects where no horizon exists, it can be creatively freeing to rotate the camera arbitrarily to allow for the lines,…

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Turtle Wears GoPro, Captures Exciting Pond Life – Photography Article

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIn7OdemcXo] Kyle Naegeli, AKA The Fish Whisperer, recently strapped a GoPro camera to the back of a turtle and let it go inside a small pond. As the 4-minute video above shows, some fascinating turtle’s-eye views of the world resulted. “In this video I strap a GoPro to a red eared slider turtle and then he walks up the bank and eats fish from my hand,” Naegeli writes. “Hope y’all enjoyed this different perspective from the turtles point of…

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