Why I Saved $25,000 To Travel For One Year, And Why I didn’t Do It – iPhone Photography Article

Sometime in 2012 I fell in love with the idea of a long-term RTW (’round the world) trip. The thought of selling my things, giving up my apartment, and living out of a backpack made me swoon. I wanted that total freedom to go anywhere and do anything whenever I wanted. I wanted to travel for one year. At least I thought that’s what I wanted. Six years later, I have not done that RTW trip, I’m in the same…

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This 3D Map Shows Where You Can Hike to in Any Given Amount of Time – Photography Article

If you’re a photographer who often hikes in the great outdoors, the mapping service FATMAP has added a new feature that you may find useful. It’s called the Travel Distance layer, and it shows on a 3D map exactly where you’ll be able to hike to in any given amount of time. The map doesn’t just take into account the straight line distance for its calculations, but the geographical properties (e.g. slope/gradient) of the map as well. Surface properties such…

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Stop Planning. Start Doing. And here’s how. – Photography Article

Here’s an important reminder:  you’ll never feel ready to start.  But you’ve got to do it anyway. And the operative word there is “do.” Just start. This episode is the kick in the ass you need.  Too often we get bogged down in the dreaming, the research, and the preparing – without the DOING.  Feel me on this?  It’s a common excuse that most of use…that we just need a little more planning…  Wrong. This is not to say that planning…

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