Pinhole Photography

How to Use a Pinhole Body Cap for Awesome, Creative Photography – Photography Article

Making a pinhole body cap is a rite of passage on any digital photographer’s journey. It’s a great way to get some of the unpredictability of analog photography without spending loads money on film or having to wait for the results to come back from a lab. But how do you make a pinhole body cap? And what do you shoot once you’ve made your pinhole body cap? That’s what you’ll discover in this article. What is a pinhole body…

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What’s your favorite camera? – Joel Heffner – iPhone Photography Article

Over the years I’ve used a 4×5 view camera, Kodak Instamatic cameras, a variety of Nikon 35 mm cameras, Mamiya C330, Hasselblad, several iPhones, several digital cameras, and other cameras that I’ve forgotten. My favorite is also the camera I’ve used least often! Why? It’s very slow to use. You have to add film one (4×5) sheet at a time. Because it shoots at f/109 (that’s not a typo) I have to carefully calculate the exposure time. I don’t do…

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