Apple Can Automatically ‘Correct’ Your Gaze in Video Calls on iOS 13 – Photography Article

iPhone users who have been testing the latest beta of iOS 13 have discovered a strange new feature. It’s called “FaceTime Attention Correction” and it uses automatic image manipulation to “fix” your gaze while video chatting. The feature does exactly what it sounds like. Even though you’re looking at the screen, not the front-facing camera, the person on the other end of the video chat sees you making direct eye-contact. It’s a little bizarre, as Will Sigmun, co-host of The…

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500px Threatens to Ban Popular User it Once Hailed as a ‘Photoshop Master’ – Photography Article

500px is now strictly a service for sharing and selling “photography,” and it has been banning accounts that post images that aren’t “photographic” enough. The change in policy is so sharp that 500px is now driving away a user that it once featured as a “Photoshop master.” Polish photo artist Michal Karcz says he’s being kicked out of the 500px community despite the fact that 500px once celebrated his popular work. In his 5+ years on 500px, Karcz uploaded 173…

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This AI Can Tell When Faces in Photos Were Photoshopped – Photography Article

Fake photos are a rampant issue in our digital age, but researchers are working hard to restore a greater degree of trust to photography. One team has created a new AI that can detect when faces in photos were manipulated using Photoshop. The researchers at Adobe and UC Berkeley have published their work in a new paper titled, “Detecting Photoshopped Faces by Scripting Photoshop,” explaining how the new method can figure out if Photoshop’s Face Aware Liquify feature was used.…

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Wildlife Photo Contest Winner Disqualified Over Elephant’s Ears – Photography Article

African Geographic has announced that photographer who recently won its 2019 Photographer of the Year award has been disqualified due to photo-manipulation. The photo, titled “Tim in Amboseli National Park, Kenya” and shot by photographer Björn Persson, shows a known Kenyan elephant named Tim standing in a field with dark clouds in the background. Although the photo initially won Persson the title of Photographer of the Year, the publication’s “ever-vigilant community members with detailed knowledge of Tim” quickly noticed that…

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