3 Common Landscape Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – Photography Article

Landscape photographer Mark Denney recently stumbled across an old folder full of “favorite” images from a few years back. At first, he was just enjoying seeing the progressed he’d made over the years, but then he noticed something: “As I reviewed these images, I noticed the same three compositional mistakes repeated over and over.” In this video, Denney shares what he found because, as he sees it, they’re three of the most common mistakes in landscape photography composition. They are:…

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29 Photography Tips from Some of the Most Influential People in the Industry – Photography Article

During last week’s Sony Kando trip, photographer and YouTuber Taylor Jackson got to meet some of the most recognizable faces in the world of photography. Fortunately for us, he took the time to ask each of them for their #1 tip for photographers who are just starting out. The resulting video is 15 minutes of sage advice from YouTube super-stars like iJustine, top-notch wedding photographers like Scott Robert Lim, and famed photojournalist David Burnett, among many others. The tips range…

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